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There’s no way to rest like music

September 6, 2010

Rest revitalizes and renews your body, and a great way to do it is through music.  Walking to music, an active rest technique that can activate you in 20-30 seconds is highlighted in the book “The Power of Rest,” but we really love music because music is in our genes – our cells operate and communicate through rhythm.  Time rules life, and music can bring out internal rhythms that improve performance and pleasure.

Just look at the work of Professor Costas Karageorghis. Recently he worked with triathletes in Australia.  The end result – an increase in energy efficiency of 1-3%, and improved endurance of up to 15% – not from steroids of “enhancing” drugs, but  from listening to music. As our lives are timed by internal rhythms, and virtually all our genes operate according to 24 hour, circadian rhythms (one reason I founded the Center for Circadian Medicine,)  it’s time to make that inner music part of our conscious lives.

As Labor Day comes to an end, make your life musical – start your work day by walking into the office hearing one of your favorite songs and playing it in your head, moving your body to the rhythm and the beat. Life should be musical, each day with a rhythm of its own.

We’re built that way.  It’s human design.

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