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Health, not Health Care (9/28/10)

September 28, 2010

What will be there for you?  Over fifty million Americans lack health insurance. Republicans are promising to gut the Administration’s health care bill, claiming it busts the budget.  They want to privatize Social Security and talk quietly about doing the same with Medicare.  Many health insurance premiums went up 20% last year. The economy went up how much?

Let’s face facts – the money won’t be there. American health care costs about twice as much per person than any other nation, and gives us the health statistics of Cuba and Lithuania. Many young people, and many middle aged, think health care insurance will cost so much that it will ultimately be out of reach.

There is an alternative.

Longevity and Regeneration

There is little incentive to aid public health in America.  Politicians don’t want to face the reality that food policy is health policy, that agricultural subsidies subsidize the cheap foods making for an increasingly obese and diabetic population that will bust the health care bank.  Docs are paid for procedures, and virtually nothing to prevent disease.  Money and lobbyists rule, not the long term health, physical or economic, of the country.

But there are things you can do personally.  The longest lived populations in the world live in the United States.  Asian American in metro NYC live a way of life that allows them to live well into their nineties, generally about ten years longer than expected.

You can live that way, too.  You can take control of  health in ways that can increase your lifespan, your vitality, and your creativity.  We’re built for certain kinds of activity, different kinds of foods, and particularly, certain kinds of rest, which together can get us through the day excited at the prospect of the next.  The human body naturally regenerates – and you want to use that regenerative power.

The way of rest involves ordinary physical activity, eating the right foods at the right times, and doing it with friends and family. Ordinary activities can produce extraordinary results.  What makes us healthy is also fun.

Given health care trends, we may have no choice.

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