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Celebrity Rehab and the Power of Rest (9/29/10)

September 29, 2010

Treatment through the Power of Rest

Rest is regeneration, and people are so stressed out they need that reset now.  Two months ago in Huffington Post I wrote about how performance pressure, crazy hours, adulation, the end of privacy and the insanity  of show business lead many performers into preventable addictions.  Yesterday I learned Lindsay Lohan walked into rehab with a copy of “The Power of Rest.”

How can she use the book?

1.   It’s a 30 day program – do the program. In week 1 you learn to sleep, weeks 2 and 3 to do dozens of different rest techniques. They all get you to do what your body’s designed to do. Most work in under a minute.   Physical, mental, social and spiritual rest can all help you get your body and  mind back on track.

Lindsay is fighting for her life.  She needs to find peace.

2.   Use physical activity to make your body feel fully alive. Humans are walking machines – we are designed to move.

3.   Use mental rest to gain focus, concentration, and to sustain the attention that creates creativity. Then use it for inner calm.

4.   Social rest produces the social connections that provide the means to resist addictions when you’re out.

5.   Spiritual rest creates connections to things larger than oneself that can give meaning to any conscious moment.

6.   Use flow. Once you understand flow and how it works, you can achieve peak experiences anywhere, anytime using nothing more than your own head.

7.   Eat whole foods.  Food and rest are two sides of the same coin, working together to ensure survival.  You won’t make it without either one.

8.   Use Food-Activity-Rest as a rhythm to the day – eat, move, rest, throughout the 24 hours.   Going FAR by itself can control weight, prevent many serious illnesses, and increase productivity.

You can use “The Power of Rest” a lot of ways.  I wrote it because I wanted people to long, healthy lives doing absolutely ordinary things.  Putting them together in a functional system, using physical activity, rest, food, body clocks, and social connections, should let many live into their nineties, like Asian American women in metro NYC.  For others, the power of rest makes you use your body’s innate regenerative power to repair and rebuild.

That’s a lot of power. Put it on your side.

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