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Covid: From Catastrophe to Victory

February, 2015

Insuring Health Insecurity (2/16/15)

The Power of Ideology (2/9/15)

Cancer and Luck (2/2/15)

January, 2015

Colds – New Ways to Treat (1/26/15)

Depression – Cheap Ways to Treat (1/19/15)

Why Colds Like the Cold (1/12/15)

December, 2014

How Can I Prevent Cancer? (12/29/14)

Which to Use – Artificial or Natural Intelligence? (12/22/14)

The Hat – Cancer Connection (12/8/14)

New Ways to Cut Obesity (12/1/14)

November, 2014

When Normal is Dangerous (11/24/14)

De-Clocked – the New Stealth Shift Work (11/10/14)

New Ways to Make Mistakes (11/3/14)

October, 2014

Smelling Dementia? (10/27/14)

Learning From the Next Ebola (10/20/14)

The Most Important Learning (10/13/14)

A Grand Farce – Electronic Health Records and You (10/6/14)

September, 2014

Regeneration Health – For You and the Environment (9/29/14)

Depression: Time for a Rethink (9/8/14)

The Amorality of Most Life (9/2/14)

August, 2014

All Coked Up (8/25/14)

Zee Drugs (8/18/14)

Drug of Choice (8/13/14)

What Will Happen to Sleep Medicine? (8/4/14)

July, 2014

Using Big Data Effectively (7/28/14)

Your Cancer Detection Bra Is Ready (7/21/14)

Preferring Electric Shocks to Solitude (7/14/14)

Can We Regulate Food Like Tobacco? (7/7/14)

June, 2014

Diet Desperation (6/30/14)

Why You Don’t Light the Night (6/16/14)

The Real Rules of the Road (6/9/14)

May, 2014

The Creative Body (5/26/14)

Fighting Families Fall Ill (5/19/14)

Marijuana – the Panacea of Our Time? (5/12/14)

Why You Have a 30 Foot Gut (5/5/14)

April, 2014

Cheap, Beautiful Skin (4/28/14)

Driving Through Sleep (4/21/14)

New Era for Alzheimer’s? (4/14/14)

Prevention Versus Cure (4/7/14)

March, 2014

Chancing It (3/31/14)

Dying for Sleep (3/24/14)

The Enraged Heart (3/11/14)

Your Lying, Cheating Brain (3/3/14)

February, 2014

Do You Know How to Walk? (2/24/14)

Why Diets Don’t Work (2/18/14)

Cancerland (2/10/14)

Is Sleep Apnea Boring? (2/3/14)

January, 2014

What Is the Product? (1/28/14)

Civilizational Obesity (1/20/14)

The Pleasures of Pesticides – Marijuana and Tobacco (1/13/14)

Oh Why Do We Need a Y? (1/6/14)

December, 2013

Fict or Faction? (12/30/13)

Learning from the 400,000 Year Old Man (12/18/13)

Statins and the New Numbers Racket (12/9/13)

Does Depression Age You? (12/2/13)

November, 2013

Treating Depression Effectively – Getting People to Sleep (11/25/13)

How Drugs Change You Through Time (11/19/13)

Make It (Money) While You Fake It (11/11/13)

Life Is So Fast You Need to Rest (11/4/13)


October, 2013

Losing Nature (10/31/13)

Lust In the Dust (10/21/13)

No Treatment, No Problem (10/14/13)

Multiple You (10/7/13)


September, 2013

Psychotherapy While You Sleep (9/30/13)

Secrets of Jet Lag (9/23/13)

Deep Living (9/16/13)

E -Cigarettes – The Way to Stop Smoking? (9/12/13)

Wild Type Humans Like Moving (9/6/13)

August, 2013

To Sleep – Perchance to Drive (82/6/13)

Bugs in the Brain (8/25/13)

Medical Overuse (8/12/13)

What You Don’t Know (8/5/13)

July, 2013

Little Bit by Little Bit (7/31/13)

Evidence Based Medicine? (7/22/13)

Losing Everything (7/15/13)

Going FAR to Prevent Diabetes (7/8/13)

Natural Versus Normal Sleep (7/1/13)

June, 2013

Dying Off (6/24/13)

Sitting Sleeping Smoking (6/18/13)

A Modest Proposal to Save Countless Lives (6/11/13)

Secrets of Statins (6/6/13)

May, 2013

15 “Rules” For a Less Stressed Life (5/31/13)

Let’s Take Out the Bugs (5/28/13)

The Meat-Bug Connection (5/13/13)

Is ADD a Sleep Disorder? (5/6/13)

April, 2013

Can Baldness Make For a Bad Heart? (4/30/13)

Recognizing Regeneration (4/22/13)

Electronic Cigarettes (4/15/13)

Dying to Walk (4/8/13)

Unknown Unknowns – Some Future Health Crises (4/2/13)

March, 2013

Less Sleep, More Weight? (3/29/13)

Amazing Ambien (3/19/13)

In Defense of Sleep (3/12/13)

Give Us a Child Till She’s Seven (3/5/13)

February, 2013

Alzheimer’s – An Information Processing Illness (2/27/13)

Hide The Facts (2/25/13)

What Health Innovation? (2/20/13)

Speak, Memory (2/18/13)

Why We Need New Definitions of Health (2/13/13)

Time Rules Weight (2/11/13)

Crazy About Drugs (2/4/13)

Alert – Bacteria Are Reprogramming Your DNA (2/6/13)

January, 2013

The New Hypochondriacs (Our Brave New Sensor World – 1/30/13)

Why Weight Is Not Public Healthy Enemy #1 (1/28/13)

Driving While Asleep (1/23/13)

The Changing Future of an Illusion (1/21/13)

Novel Uses of Alcohol (1/16/13)

How to Get Off Sleeping Pills (1/15/13)

Lifestyle in a Can?  The Power of Energy (1/8/13)

It’s Genetics (1/7/13)

Dining Out for 100 Trillion (1/2/13)


December, 2012

Sugar Coating Aspirin (12/18/12)

The Generic Drug Mess (12/17/12)

Losing Virility?  The Strange Science of Sperm Counts (12/12/12)

Different Brains (12/11/12)

Making the World Stupid (12/05/12)

Why People Won’t Sweat (12/03/12)

November, 2012

Does Winter Kill? (11/28/12)

Reconstructing Memory (11/26/12)

Are Energy Drinks Safe? (11/20/12)

Post Election Depression? (11/19/12)

Who Will Pay For Health Care? (11/13/12)

Hello, Carbon Dioxide (11/12/12)

New Approaches to Combatting Cancer (11/7/12)

To Screen Or Not To Screen For Cancer (11/05/12)

October, 2012

How Much Exercise is Enough? (10/31/12)

Telling a Fake – Art Versus Science (10/29/12)

Fabulous Florida (10/25/12)

Fake Food, Fake Drugs, Fake… (10/22/12)

How You View Your Body Changes Your Body (10/17/12)

Why Did I Get Sick? Creating a Clinical Narrative (10/15/12)

The New Age of Anxiety (10/9/12)

What Will Create the Next Epidemic? (10/08/12)

Who’s Using All Those Sleeping Pills? (10/3/12)

Organic or Regular – What Should I Eat? (10/2/12)

September, 2012

Can Job Strain Kill You? (9/28/12)

The Numbers Fetish (9/24/12)

Are You a Figment of Someone’s Imagination? (9/20/12)

Simple Ways to Live Longer – the Kungsholmen Study (9/18/12)

The Human Genome and You (9/13/12)

What’s So Bad About Inflammation? (9/12/12)

Making Up to the Monster (9/6/12)

Rest to Learn (9/3/12)

August, 2012

Dr. Medicine Explains Health Care For You (8/30/12)

One Dollar = One Vote – The New Way to Rebuild American Greatness (8/27/12)

Gimme the Pill!  Seductions of Supplements (8/22/12)

Why We Don’t Resist Fad Diets (8/21/12)

Whatever Happened to Guilt? (8/15/12)

Can Even Minor Stress Kill You – Plus What to Do About It (8/13/12)

Smoking Is My Retirement Plan (8/8/12)

The Unnecessarily Painful Treatment of Chronic Pain (8/6/12)

July, 2012

Regeneration Medicine – Preventing Colds (7/31/12)

Your Real Wealth is Your Health (7/30/12)

Better Living with Booze? (7/27/12)

Hear Me Now – It’s Time to Protect Your Ears (7/23/12)

Let’s Dream – How Democrats and Republicans Could Agree on Health (7/20/12)

Fit the Person to the Body – Personal Health (7/17/12)

Weight – Why Simple Answers Won’t Work (and what might) (7/12/12)

Are We Aging – Or Regenerating? (7/10/12)

Watch Out – the Net is Changing Your Body (7/5/12)

Will the Affordable Care Act Make America Healthy? (7/2/12)

June, 2012

Training – to Transform Your Body (6/26/12)

Doctor Versus Patient – the Case of Chronic Pain (6/25/12)

Is There a Personality for Longevity? (6/19/12

Health Insurance – My Story (6/16/12)

Body Clock Fat (6/14/12)

Fear and loathing in the waiting room (6/7/12)

Seeking warmth and safety (6/4/12)

How to regenerate America’s health (6/1/12)

May, 2012

Treating information as food (5/30/12)

Should we pay for prevention? Making health the goal of health care (5/24/12)

Infectious cancers – what you can do (5/21/12)

Regenerating yourself – information is key (5/18/12)

Getting healthy through nature (5/14/12)

Shoot yourself in the heart, then donate the brain to science?  Why are we killing the athletes? (5/10/12)

“Healthy Without Health Insurance” – 12 Points (5/7/12)

What’s healthy? (5/3/12)

April, 2012

“This is ridiculous” – hospital costs and you (4/30/12)

Social health – getting you and the economy better (4/24/12)

Do clothes make the brain? (4/18/12)

Is chocolate healthy for me? (4/16/12)

When the chickens come home to roost (4/12/12)

Are we fatter than we think? (4/10/12)

Prozac chicken (4/6/12)

Rediscovering social support (and how it aids health – 4/4/12)

Sleepwalking stops vegetarianism (4/2/12)

March, 2012

Aspirin and cancer (3/28/12)

Surviving with nothing – lessons from bears and men (3/26/12)

Your pilot is falling asleep on the plane.  Should you be worried? (3/21/12)

A little knowledge goes a long way – the story of John Snow (3/19/12)

Do you want your kid getting general anesthesia – for their teeth? (3/14/12)

Is your kid snoring? (and what does it mean – 3/12/12)

Privacy and profit – how health records get used (3/7/12)

Can Kim Dotcom help North Korea replace Kim Jong Il (3/5/12)

“Awake” – in dreams begin realities (3/2/12)

February, 2012

Is this really “The End of Illness”? (2/29/12)

Time rules life (2/27/12)

The Quick and the dead (2/24/12)

Recycling your own energy (2/22/12)

The medical way to bankruptcy (2/20/12)

Salted to death (2/17/12)

When sugar tastes bad (2/15/12)

Does drinking green tea prevent disability? (2/13/12)

Halving Heart Attack Deaths (2/10/12)

Regenerating your body and preventing Alzheimer’s Disease (2/6/12)

What kind of fat is that? (2/03/12)

Why does exercise work? (2/01/12)

January, 2012

Do dolphins sing like whales as they sleep?  (1/30/12)

Climate change, flu and you (1/27/12)

Sleepy, noisy hospitals – and how to rest in them (1/25/12)

A different way to diabetes (1/23/12)

Changing the color of your fat (1/20/12)

5 Things to learn from Paula Deen’s diabetes (1/18/12)

Can kids get addicted to the internet? (1/16/12)

Rebound insomnia (1/13/12)

Going to the dogs – for your health (1/11/12)

Supercharged breast implants (1/9/12)

Is there an epidemic of sleep apnea in our police? (1/6/12)

The War on Cancer and the War on Terror – what they have in common (1/3/12)

December, 2011

What you eat changes your genes – quickly (12/28/11)

To win the game you stay in the game – football and flexibility (12/27/11)

It’s time to ban drivers’ cell phone use (12/21/11)

Is the flexible workplace a way to save your sleep? (12/19/11)

“Don’t talk to the patient” (12/16/11)

Who can I sleep with safely? (12/14/11)

Can you cut your cancer risk by half?  (12/12/11)

Overcoming a bad night’s sleep (12/7/11)

After Iraq and Afghanistan – veterans’ health, PTSD, and sleep apnea (12/5/11)

November, 2011

Is Intermezzo the right kind of sleep medicine? (11/29/11)

Regenerating the economy, regenerating your health Part II (11/28/11)

Regenerating the economy, regenerating your health (Part 1 – 11/23/11)

Are we taking too many pills? (11/21/11)

Booze and sleeping pills – the wrong combination (11/16/11)

Weight, learning, and sleep – it’s all connected (11/14/11)

Your cell phone is a biological part of you (11/11/11)

Seeing the new you (11/9/11)

Senescent cells and the promise of human regeneration (11/7/11)

Obesity – why we can’t lose (11/4/11)

Does your sports team need a sleep doc? (11/2/11)

October, 2011

Sleeping with art – is the museum the new cool place to sleep? (10/31/11)

Confessions of an air traffic controller (10/28/11)

Sleeping beauty – is rest the secret to looking good? (10/26/11)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – a treatable autoimmune disorder (10/24/11)

Will Lazy Cakes come back from the dead? (10/21/11)

Three questions about sleep and sex (10/19/11)

Another forgotten war – food safety, health, and terrorism (10/17/11)

When good things are bad for you – are vitamins too much of a good thing? (10/14/11)

Your life at the speed of light (10/12/11)

Should I eat fish or fish oil? (10/10/11)

Was Conrad Murray Michael Jackson’s “rest” doctor? (10/6/11)

September, 2011

Can marriage make you fat? (9/21/11)

What your brain tells your gut (9/20/11)

Quick focus – 3 fast ways to relaxed concentration (9/15/11)

Underestimating sleep (9/13/11)

Give me magic pills (9/12/11)

Does lack of deep sleep up blood pressure? (9/9/11)

Hot dogs and diabetes (9/6/11)

Sleepless over stocks (9/2/11)

August, 2011

Using hypnosis (Carin Friedman 8/31/11)

Fighting Fat World (8/29/11)

Depressed?  Use a systems approach to treat it (8/26/11)

If you’ve died from this drug, call this number (8/24/11)

Is rest critical to creativity? (8/23/11)

Will my TV kill me? (8/17/11)

How to sleep in the heat (8/15/11)

Why we don’t “get” rest (8/12/11)

Twilight consciousness – can you text while asleep? (8/10/11)

What to do when medical care goes away (8/8/11)

Sleep is all about learning (especially when it’s about sex (8/5/11)

Safe to drink?  What’s up with relaxation drinks? (8/3/11)

Please don’t wake up – interrupted sleep harms memory (8/01/11)

July, 2011

Relaxation Drinks – cause for anxiety? (7/29/11)

Snore no more! (7/27/11)

Singing in your sleep (7/25/11)

Even zombies need to sleep (7/22/11)

Legal drugs that can kill you – phenazepam and other disasters (7/20/11)

The end of medical privacy – and how to prepare for it (7/13/11)

Sleep in a can (7/11/11)

New ways to improve sports performance – without drugs (7/8/11)

Do sleeping pills work by making us forget? (7/6/11)

Is controlling electronic media a way to have less fat young kids? (7/5/11)

Stop the big killers (7/01/11)

June, 2011

Rock myself to sleep? (6/29/11)

Electronic insomnia Part II – the future (6/27/11)

Electronic insomnia Part I (6/24/11)

Fantastic future sleep (6/22/11)

Cool yourself to sleep (6/20/11)

When should I exercise to aid sleep? (6/17/11)

The looming Chinese debt (6/10/11)

Is this the missing link between bullying and erectile dysfunction? (6/8/11)

Testosterone – less sleep means less? (6/6/11)

Let the kids sleep (6/3/11)

Caffeine, sleep, and memory (6/1/11)

May, 2011

Cholesterol – what do those numbers really mean to me? (5/31/11)

Diet and exercise won’t solve obesity (5/27/11)

Can I avoid Alzheimer’s using “Lifespace”? (5/25/11)

Banned in Arkansas – Lazy Cakes are off the shelves (5/23/11)

Is business travel unhealthy? (5/20/11)

24 seconds to roadkill (5/18/11)

Getting the perfect nap Part II (5/16/11)

Getting the perfect nap Part I (5/13/11)

Do we fall asleep one neuron at a time?  (5/11/11)

Controlling weight and diabetes requires real rest (5/9/11)

Right, left or back – what’s best for good sleep? (position matters 5/6/11)

Is sugar poison? (5/5/11)

Is it a food or a drug? (5/3/11)

April, 2011

Paralyzed but happy?  The strange implications of locked in syndrome (4/27/11)

Predictor or marker – what scientific studies can you believe? (4/25/11)

Use the news – don’t be used by it (4/22/11)

Let air traffic controllers nap (4/20/11)

Depression and insomnia – what causes what? (4/18/11)

A simple way to save 10,000 lives (4/15/11)

Can sex help me sleep? (4/13/11)

Can we evolve to sleep less? (4/11/11)

Cheap and sweet – what food does to health (4/08/11)

Florida does it again – voting to ban children from playing outside (4/06/11)

Let your pilot sleep (4/04/11)

Does sleep loss give me the munchies, or do I just high? (4/01/11)

March, 2011

When your air traffic controller falls asleep (3/30/11)

It’s the middle of the night and you can’t sleep – what you can do (3/28/11)

Lady Gaga goes Gaga over her egg bed (3/24/11)

Can naps make me smarter?  (3/22/11)

Does sleep loss make you take bad risks? (3/21/11)

These mistakes can last longer than you – your Electronic Health Record (3/17/11)

The doctor as drug (3/16/11)

Drop that soda can (3/14/11)

Prepare for daylight savings (3/11/11)

Cut your light at night (3/9/11)

Thoughts that keep you up at night (3/8/11)

Are you getting enough sleep? (3/7/11)

Who’s stealing my sleep? (3/04/11)

Your kludgy brain – and how to use it (3/02/11)

Dying to win – Internet gaming and sleeplessness (3/1/11)

February, 2011

Take breaks or you make mistakes (2/28/11)

How your brain processes pain (2/25/11)

Getting undepressed – by yourself (and without drugs 2/23/11)

Fat planet – People are getting bigger, but not everywhere (2/22/11)

Memory problems?  Take a walk (2/21/11)

Lazy Cakes – waiting for a new non-prescription drug disaster (2/18/11)

Booze disrupts sleep – and you’re surprised? (2/16/11)

Should Congressmen sleep in their offices? (2/15/11)

Sleeping less to sleep well (2/14/11)

Don’t drink diet soda in Manhattan (2/11/11)

Snorting the cremated remains of Great Danes (+doggie xanax and other tales – 2/10/11)

Putting life into life coaching (2/8/11)

Who’s flying your plane (2/7/11)

Carry a camera for your health (and others’ health, too – 2/4/11)

When chocolate brownies are sleeping pills, people can die (2/2/11)

Sleep, memory (2/1/11)

January, 2011

In the bedroom (1/31/11)

Saving daylight savings (lighting up your life – 1/28/11)

Would you snort sleeping pills to treat your feet? (Silly uses of sleeping pills – 1/27/11)

Can we learn to multitask? (1/26/11)

Will fabric softener (or comedians) make you sleep better? (1/24/11)

Aflockalypse Now – what the birds and the bees are telling us (1/21/11)

How to sleep anywhere (1/19/11)

Life is fast; so is cancer (1/18/11)

Stand up for your health (1/17/11)

Fibromyalgia, obesity, sleep and pain (1/14/11)

Walk, don’t crave (food, tobacco, and other things – 1/12/11)

Text or phone?  Which is healthier? (1/11/11)

Why can’t I rest?  Part III – the economy and jobs (1/10/11)

Want to control your weight?  Treat food as information (1/6/11)

Why can’t I rest?  Learning how to regenerate yourself (1/5/11)

Why can’t I rest Part 2 – how to not worry about sleep (1/4/11)

Your different states of consciousness (1/3/11)

December, 2010

Provigil – secret uses of stimulants (12/31/10)

Your New Year’s Revolutions (12/29/10)

How should I sleep (and rest) when I diet? (12/28/10)

Did Neanderthals get depressed? (12/27/10)

Caffeine, alcohol, and the holidays (12/23/10)

Can you really get beauty sleep? (12/22/10)

You think you’re covered?  The health insurance pre-authorization con (12/21/10)

Don’t ask, don’t tell health care (12/10/10)

Twelve ways to fix your internet addled brain (12/17/10)

The Four Hour Body – How Not to Become Superhuman (12/16/10)

Your neighbor’s smoke is also yours (and its radioactive – 12/14/10)

Can sleepwalking kill me, or is inattention more lethal? (12/13/10)

Health care is putting the US out of business (12/10/10)

Can poor sleep harm my heart?  (12/08/10)

Facebook for Sleep? (12/07/10)

If I get sick can I blame the weather? (12/06/10)

Even the CIA doesn’t trust your health care (12/03/10)

How the Internet will change your body – part IV – making the Net improve your health (12/02/10)

How the Internet will change your body – part III – virtual me and real me (12/01/10)

November, 2010

How the internet will change your body – Part II – interruption and stress (11/30/10)

How the internet will change your body – Part I – getting fatter fast (11/29/10)

Three questions that can save your life (11/27/10)

How you can take time off and get more done (11/24/10)

Don’t stuff the wrong turkey (11/22/10)

Don’t let daylight savings get you down (11/21/10)

Are you restless? Sleep Loss, Irritability, the Internet and Violence (11/19/10)

Does long sleep provoke strokes? (11/17/11)

Are smokers made or born? Biological clocks and smoking (11/16/11)

October, 2010

Music to fall asleep to (10/30/10)

Is my chair dangerous to my health? (10/27/10

Position Matters – The right side is not always right (10/26/10)

The Spanish Siesta Champion Wins, but the Siesta and Naps Lose (10/25/10)

Leaving rehab – what to do when you’re out (10/21/10)

Pain, fibromyalgia, illness and rest (10/20/10)

Weight, light and body clocks – timing dining right (10/19/10)

Sleep for Success – The Spanish Siesta Championships (10/18/10)

Can We Walk Away from Alzheimer’s? (10/15/10)

Why Can’t I Wake Up? (10/14/10)

Don’t Eat at Night (What happens if you do) 10/13/10

Use It or Lose it – Why You May Never Want to Retire (10/12/10)

What does alcohol do to my sleep? (10/11/10)

Body clocks time your regeneration and renewal (10/10/10)

Theatrically sleeping (10/8/10)

Some don’t need much sleep (10/7/10)

Why don’t we eat vegetables? (The Sugar Society) – 10/6/10)

Sleep your way to weight loss? (10/5/10)

Grunting in tennis – sports, noise and the brain (10/4/10)

Regeneration and cancer (10/3/10)

Why do I gain weight if I rest less? The 60-7 rule (10/1/10)

September 2010

Calming the everyday crisis (9/30/10)

Celebrity Rehab and the Power of Rest (9/29/10)

Health, not Health Care (9/28/10)

Regeneration – how to spur creativity and productivity (9/27/10)

Regeneration – The Health Insurance No One Can Take From You (9/26/10)

Is melatonin really like crack (9/24/10)?

Why Can’t I Sleep?

Can physical activity make me smarter?

You’re never the same – which keeps you alive

Murder – caffeine made me do it

What happens when you “veg out?” (9/19/10)

Want to cure insomnia?  Move (reasons to go FAR 9/17/10)

Pill=Sleep?  Seven Secrets of Sleeping Pills (9/16/10)

Awake, asleep, or both?

Is lack of rest making kids fatter, dumber, angrier and sicker?

Why does lack of toddler sleep make them obese?

A new way to rest – the UnNap Nap

How much sleep do I need?

There’s no way to rest like music

No time for downtime? Here’s how to recharge your brain

Overloaded: 7 Things You Should Know About Your Internet-Interrupted Brain

Can we stop laboring on Labor Day?

August, 2010

Snoring Made Me Do It

Running Amok in a Truck

Make Life Flow

Improve Sports Performance – Get the Right Rest

Do we prefer dreams to reality?

The Joy of Rest

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