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The Power of Rest – Refresh, Rebuild &

When we sleep, do we just turn out the lights?  No, we regenerate.  We regenerate skin, and muscle, joints, and brain – that’s what we do when we rest.

And this extraordinary process has been hiding in plain sight.  We do notice our hair growing and, if we exercise, new muscle -but we don’t see the new skin on our face, our new brain cells, the new gut lining we’ve built in just a few days.  The Power of Rest’s 30 Day, step-by-step program helps you actively direct all that rebuilding and regrowth.  Each day you learn new, enjoyable techniques, most of which can be done in less than a minute – anytime and anywhere you choose.

How we use our bodies determine how they rebuild in rest – and that is under our control.  What we do is what we become.  Our rebuilding, rewiring, renewal is bot vast and fast.  What can intelligently directed active rest accomplish?  We can quickly release stress; lose weight; look younger; feel healthier, and experience a new kind of energy.  Imagine feeling restored and renewed.  That’s what is possible using The Power of Rest.



“The Body Clock Advantage” is how to use your body’s inner timing to get the most out of life. When you understand how your own unique Body Clock works, you can achieve the best results in all areas of human performance – whether it’s health, love, work, sports, or play.

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“Designed to Last” Weight loss gurus have preached to the obese for years:  ”Diet and Exercise!”  Dr. Edlund has found a powerful, but very simple method to take that routine one step further – giving us a far more effective way to get and stay healthy.  Drawing on his extensive experience as a Circadian Medicine expert, Edlund wants us to adopt his Foor-Activity-Rest paradigm…requiring we only need remember and follow three letters:  F-A-R to make it work.

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