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Are health insurers insuring our insecurity? (see today's note)

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Latest article:  Insuring Health Insecurity (2/16/15)

       Regeneration is how your body works. Much of it occurs during rest. Your body constantly changes. Constantly remakes itself – renews itself. Yet most of us think of rest as a “waste of time.” It’s “goldbricking.” It’s passive, useless, indolent.  

       But rest is not goldbricking, or useless. Rest is exciting – becauses it remakes you. Much of your body is replaced within 3-4 weeks. Most of your heart is new in three days. You constantly renew, rebuild, reinvent yourself and your mind. And much of that process – the process that keeps you alive and constantly updated – occurs through rest.

         The restdoctor site does much more than explain the importance of rest. It shows you the thousands of different ways you can you rest to live. And live well. There is far more to rest than passive rest – like sleep. The most useful kinds of rest are active and renewing – physical, mental, social and spiritual rest. All of which contain your critical keys to your health – a your full sense of well-being.

         The book “The Power of Rest” includes lots of ways to rest easily, happily, even beautifully. But here on this website  you’re learn many, many other ways to rest. And thrive. Knowledge you can use. Knowledge you can build into yourself – to help remake yourself the way you like.

Can art promote regeneration?  In multiple ways. The show highlights gorgeous new pigment prints and media by Nikitas Kavoukles. Also included will be pieces from the US China Global Arts Project.  Open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., located at the office of Dr. Matthew Edlund.

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Dr. Edlund’s book “Healthy Without Health Insurance”

Health care is failing like housing, falling into confusion and collapse. It’s one thing to be foreclosed on your home. It’s another getting foreclosed from lifesaving treatment. As health care implodes you’ll have to protect yourself. You need to do what you can to get healthy and feel healthy.  It’s a good thing you can do that – simply and effectively.

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